Spring Peeper aka pacific chorus frog says hello, and thanks to Veronica Woodruff for her takeover

Pacific Chorus Frog photo by Veronica Woodruff

Spring peeper, aka pacific chorus frog. Photo by Veronica Woodruff.

It’s official. Veronica Woodruff is the first, and only, guestagrammer so far, to post a photo of herself holding a snake.

There’s a challenge for you, nature lovers.

From the photos of her week, out in our wild backyard, it is apparent that this woman is never happier than when she’s holding a toad,

walking in the woods (where she knows the names of things!)

or discovering lampreys…

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Another cool work find! Lamprey!

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Nature nerds, be proud. We need you. We learn from you. And you’re in very good company around here.


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