Work from home? On your own? A new Facebook group might be for you

According to the 2016 Census information, almost 12% of our local population works from home.

355 people out of 2985 (from Village of Pemberton, Area C and the Lil’wat Nation) declared themselves in the 2016 Census to “work at home.” It’s a really vital sector in our community’s economy.

Maja Ronneberger thought it might be useful to get together, so she created a Facebook group, for remote workers, home workers, and anyone looking to connect with others in the community.


The purpose of the group is to build connections amongst the people who work from home and don’t take part in the traditional water cooler chats, coffee catch-ups, or staff parties.

Things launched with a small gathering last month. Organically building steam. The next social is scheduled for Wednesday May 30, 9am, at North Arm Farm. Swing by, meet some people, share your ups and downs. Who knows what might arise from a group of dynamic individuals coming together.


Could be just the thing you needed to get you out of your pyjamas. 🙂





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