Shout out to the volunteers for cleaning up the illegal dump zone at Green River FSR

via the SLRD’s Zero Waste team

Huge kudos to the Pemberton Wildlife Association, the SLRD – Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, Lil’wat First Nation (who donated an excavator and operator) and the 17 amazing volunteers who came out to help clean up a long standing illegal dump site along the Green River in the Village of Pemberton.

Says the SLRD Zero Waste coordinator Brooke Carere, “Illegal dumping site impacts all of us – its a public safely issue, leaches toxic chemicals and can have devastating consequences for wildlife who can be poisoned, wounded or even killed rummaging through garbage.”

The clean up story is told in a great photo album that SLRD Zero in on Waste shared to their Facebook page on Tuesday.

There were layers and layers of waste buried. It appeared at first glance to be predominantly yard waste, but there was a lot of toxic and dangerous waste buried among it, including toxic foam, and old metal drums and trucks, construction waste and old mattresses.

The site is now restored. Clean up Crew: YOU ROCK. Let’s work together to keep the site clean and safe for wildlife and people to enjoy.

Thanks for sharing, Zero Waste Warriors.

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