Give your feedback to the Village of Pemberton by May 11 on the draft Zoning and Sign Bylaws by online survey

ZoningSign Bylaw Review Consultation

The Village of Pemberton, in response to the surge in growth and development in Pemberton over the last 17-23 years (when the existing Zoning Bylaw and Sign Bylaw were drafted), and new trends impacting the community, including home-based businesses, Air B & B, and the legalization of marijuana growing, has drafted two new bylaws that will regulate land use and development, and signage, within the Village.

Storyboards explaining the changes were made available at an Open House on April 17, and now, the Village has posted a survey online, with responses due May 11.

Some of the changes include:

  • a requirement for Air B&Bs or VRBO properties to be resident-owned, and take out a business licence
  • a cap on the number of Air B&Bs permitted in each neighbourhood, with only one permitted in a cul de sac
  • prohibiting cannabis dispensaries (at least until the Federal Cannabis Act is enacted)
  • storage containers can still only be used for auxiliary purposes, not principle purposes, i.e. not allowed as residences, not allowed as animal storage or for hazardous materials, not to be stacked. now, in addition, they won’t be permitted in commercial areas. The exception is in the M1 zone as principal storage with a building permit)
  • proposing parking requirements of future developments
  • lowering the requirement for restaurants to have parking from a space for every 3 seats to a space for every 4 seats
  • restricting permission for drive-throughs (in C2 and C3 zones)
  • requiring electric vehicle and bicycle parking in all new commercial and multi-family developments
  • loosening height restrictions to allow for carriage houses to be built above garages
  • applying floor area ratio restrictions to multi-family developments
  • increasing the front setback from 5 metres to 6 metres to provide for more off street parking

With respect to signage, the key changes are:

  • businesses (in the commercial zone) are restricted to 2 signs (plus one small illuminated sign inside (i.e. open/closed or opening hours)
  • sandwich boards need a permit from the Village and can’t be randomly positioned

The survey walks your through some of the key changes and asks feedback on some of those specifics.

Responses will be incorporated into the final Bylaws.

The survey is designed to take 20 minutes (it took me closer to an hour) and walks you through some of the key changes proposed, as the Village of Pemberton updates its Zoning and Sign Bylaw, to regulate and clarify what is and what is not permitted in Pemberton.

Learn how the proposed bylaws will impact short tern vacation rentals and have your say:


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