Be part of the solution: join the Boomerang Bags sewing bee, January 10, 6pm – 9pm

The Boomerang Bag is a loaner grocery bag, available at the Pemberton Valley Supermarket or Stay Wild, that you can take home, if you forgot your reusable bag, so you don’t need to take a plastic one.

Borrow it. Bring it back.

Because plastic sucks.

use less plastic

It’s a habit we need to quit.

All the bags have been lovingly sewn, from repurposed fabrics and material scraps (ie what would otherwise be garbage and landfill), by locals dusting off their sewing machines and stitching skills.

Anyone with a desire to socialize, be part of the solution, and sew, is invited to the Pemberton Community Centre on January 10, between 6pm and 9pm, to whip up some bags.

You can also fold, iron, sort, pin, and do other jobs to help out, if you’re like me, and a little lower on the crafty scale. You never know what you might pick up. A new hobby?

Organizer Fran Dickinson says:

We welcome all levels of sewers.

Ideally bring your own machine but often there are some available for use.

Hope to see you there!

georgina becker boomerang baggerleah daling boomerang bagger

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