Your coffee table wants you to support the Valley of Light photo project!

Wellness Almanac regular, and local photographer, Polek Rybczynski, embarked on a beautiful creative adventure in 2014. With a brand new baby in his life, he challenged himself to take one photograph a day.

I love to look back on all the photographs now. They speak volumes to me. Our first son being born during the year was beyond special. The photo I took the day before he was born is powerful and moves me. February 28th, I felt drawn to go to the Pemberton waterfalls during a morning hike under Mt Currie in the cut blocks. I was looking for a photo of a tree. I left the cut blocks and went up to the waterfall and my son’s spirit spoke to me and said he was on his way. I took a photo of the ice filled waterfall to use on the day of his birth and made my way home to pack for the trip to North Vancouver. He was born March 1st at 6:30am.

The collection, some of which have been shared here over the years, is online, at The Valley of Light,the blog Polek created for the project. 

Screen shot 2016-02-09 at 11.15.32 PM

But I would venture to say that your coffee table wants these images in print.

Happily, Polek is embarking on the completion of his creative journey. He’s going to publish the collection, and has launched a crowd-sourcing campaign to power it into reality. For as little as $12 you can support it. For $40, you can choose three photographs, for $42, you can get your own copy of the book. You could even take a photography workshop and hike with Polek. There’s a range of patronage opportunities.

The campaign runs for the next 2 weeks, so check it out, tell your friends, and back a beautiful collection of images from this light-drenched Valley we inhabit.

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