Photo for June 7: Ruben Guibert takes the long view

Happy to reprise our weekly photo, thanks to our amazing contributors Ruben Guibert, Polek Rybczynski, Gary Martin and Dave Steers. Why a weekly photo post as a wellness offering?

For me, it’s a way to invite a moment of contemplation on a Sunday, given how inspired I am by the Quaker idea of gathering each week to sit in silence, speaking only when you are moved to do so.

As a writer-type, who spends so much time juggling deadlines, with columns to fill, blogs to post, and the constant sense of being behind on the reading I want to do, overwhelmed by how much content is out there, and here I am contributing to the noise… well, scheduling a moment of stillness, just to look, to see, to sit, seems like good medicine.

How about you?

Here’s Ruben:

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset