Did you hear about the 87 year old marathon runner?

An 87 year old woman, in North Vancouver, hits snooze three times on New Year’s Day, before she drags her tiny derriere out of bed, and goes for her morning run.

BJ McHugh runs marathons, breaks records, rides bikes, does yoga.

And here’s the really inspiring part, as told by Gary Mason in the Globe and Mail last week. (Read the story. It’s brilliantly written.)

She didn’t start running until her 50s.

As Mason wrote:

(Take heart, people!). She didn’t do her first marathon until she was 55, when she still smoked. She hated the 26-mile journey and swore she would never do another. “It’s like having a baby,” she told me over lunch this week. “But you wouldn’t know about that.”… She piles up what she calls junk miles. What are they? Say she has an appointment in downtown Vancouver. She’ll run to it from her home in North Vancouver instead of taking the car. I’m not kidding. She runs to the grocery store. She runs to a friend’s house for dinner. As I listened to this woman describe her life, I thought how wonderful it must be to have that much energy.

Take-away? It’s never too late to get off the couch. (If you think BJ is an anomaly, check out Ida Herbert, the 95 year old yoga teacher, who started practicing yoga 45 years ago. Yep. When she was 50.)