Walking the Territory with Johnny Jones: Lil’wat Hunting Blind


Well, there’s snow up in the hills now, but hunting season is still fresh in the memories of those who attempt a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Johnny Jones Oct 2012 Hunting Blind, below Goat Mountain, one of 5

Johnny Jones, Lil’wat Cultural Technician, shared this photo one of 5 hunting blinds up by below Goat Mountain and Tenquille Mountain.

It is a old time hunting ground of the Lil’wat. My family trained in area and many of our people lived around the area before being forced on reserve when pre-emption of our lands started.

There were Lil’wat hunters called Tewit – the professional and especially skilled hunter, who is in contact with the animals and can predict were the goat and deer could be found, and the Skele7awlh, meaning resident or steward, who managed the area, the headman resource or game stewards.

I have found arrowheads up there and I heard stories of the hunting up there as a kid around the fire in gatherings.

There are many hunting blinds at good hunting grounds. The old hunters walked up the mountains to hunt. Some would sit in the blinds and others would chase the game towards the blinds.

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