Gallery: Waves of Healing

The Winds of Change calls out to our communities to learn more about Residential Schools and to speak openly about the healing path we need to walk on together, because, as Chief Lucinda Phillips says, “No one in our community is exempt from the impact of Residential School because of the intergenerational effects of the trauma.”

Lil’wat Nation Councilor Joanne John explains why it is important to bring Residential Schools into public view: “Too many people don’t know the real story and if we can shed more light on the reality – it could assist in releasing guilt, shame, blame and help with the Healing Process.  Personally I think that the more the general public learns, they will begin to understand the true impacts of Residential School and credit us with being a resilient people despite all that which has been sent our way.”

The Waves of Healing event, for survivors of the residential school system in Canada, was held in Mt Currie, BC at the Ullus Centre on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th May 2013.

Pemberton-based photographer, Simon Bedford, was asked to take portraits at the event, and created this slideshow – one way of honouring the resilience and healing journeys underway by many Lil’wat.

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