Behind the Art: the Cycling Salmon


Have you ever noticed the giant salmon hanging from the ceiling of the Pemberton Community Centre?

If you head upstairs for a closer look, you’ll notice a sign that explains the installation… and just might inspire you to turn your own bicycle into a piece of art next week for the Slow Food Cycle.

The bike was created by Pemberton Arts Council’s chief David Moldofsky.

“The salmon bike was created for Slow Food Cycle Sunday in 2012. I successfully rode the bike 13 km up the valley and back for a total of 26 km. It wasn’t particularly easy, but art never is.

I created the bike to try and promote the idea of art bikes participating in Slow Food Cycle.

I chose a salmon because it is food, and there are many issues that currently threaten the salmon’s continued survival in this great land. The salmon need our love and attention. Their habitat is being assaulted on many different fronts and if people don’t take action to protect this beautiful species, they could conceivably disappear forever. I made the salmon to try and bring awareness to this issue and get people thinking about salmon in general.

After Slow Food Cycle, I took the bike out of the salmon, filled in the holes and hung it here in the Community Centre to further get people thinking about salmon.”