Seasonal Observations On the Farm: I’ll Be Dammed

Walking the farm in spring is done every year : checking out what has gone on during the winter, which fences need repair, how much damage has the harsh season done.

This year we found something new while wandering the slough that meanders through our farm. We have new neighbors. Beavers have moved in and made themselves at home.

John and I surveyed the ‘damage’ they had done with a sense of awe. Trees gnawed and fallen at all sorts of angles. Trees with a diameter of 18 inches cut down with nothing but determination and teeth. Teeth, people! Just think about that. The phrase ‘busy as a beaver’ came to mind more than once.

To access the trees, the beavers dug a trench at least 3 feet deep, 18 inches wide and 20 feet long from the water to the landing – a large ditch dug with their tiny little hands. No back hoes, no tractors, no permits. Just a will and a way.

Living where we do on this narrow divide between humans and nature, where we think we have the upper hand, I just love it when I see Mother Nature showing us what she’s got.


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