Inside the Territory: Walking the Land with Johnny Jones

We’re stoked to welcome Lil’wat Cultural Technician Johnny Jones to the Wellness Almanac family. Johnny is a Cultural Technician with the Land and Resource Department and has spent his life walking and studying Lil’wat traditional territory.


With his posts, Johnny will take us deep into the territory and give us a glimpse at the Lil’wat culture that has flourished all around us.

This week, Johnny explains the story behind this photo.

JOhnny Jones photo 1

This is a Leaf point and is around 7000 years old. It is from a stone called Basalt and was made by flaking the rock or flint knapping it into shape.

I found this artifact in January 2003 at Zaxks west side of Lillooet Lake. We have a burial ground there and our people lived there.

I found it in the water 5 feet from shore in 5 inches of water. 

Now, I have it at my house and use it in my display when I go to the schools in Pemberton and the Mount Currie Xetolacw Community School to give a talk.

What should people do if they’re out exploring and come across an “artifact” of some sort?

Each artifact is protected for First Nations by the Archaeology branch. If someone finds an artifact or a feature or cmt (culturally modified tree), please let us know or return it to me at the Lands Office. We will ask where you found it, what date you found, and we’ll record and GPS map the area it was found and send that information to the Archeology branch in Victoria. It is important to us and is proof that we were here over 12000+ years ago.

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