Wellness Quiz: Coffee Can Sober You Up? True or False?

True or false?

  1. If a female and a male both have an average body type and weigh the same, drinking the same amount of alcohol will have the same effect on each of them.
  2. Coolers and regular strength beer contain the same amount of alcohol.
  3. Some people can drink a lot without seeming to get drunk.
  4. Drinking coffee, working up a sweat, or having a cold shower will sober you up.


  1. False. Males have more water in their bodies than females. This means the alcohol gets more diluted in males, and so a male will notice less effect than a female of the same body weight and body type who drank the same amount of alcohol.
  2. False. Most 12 oz/341 mL coolers are 6.9 per cent alcohol, while a regular 12 oz/341 mL bottle of beer is five per cent alcohol. That means there is nearly one-and-a-half times as much alcohol in a cooler as in a regular strength bottle of beer.
  3. True. A person who often drinks a lot may not look drunk because his or her body is used to the alcohol. But even if a person doesn’t look drunk after drinking, the alcohol still has an effect. The person still has too much alcohol in his or her blood to deal safely with risky situations, such as braking quickly while driving. You should never be a passenger in a car when the driver has been drinking. When possible, you should also try to stop the person from driving or getting into dangerous situations.
  4. False. Only time will make you sober. Your liver eliminates alcohol at a certain rate and nothing will change that rate. Your liver needs about 1.5 hours to eliminate one standard drink from your body.

These questions come from the Centre for Mental Health and Addiction – a useful resource full of fact-based information on addictions, drugs and mental health, for individuals, families and youth.

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