Líl̓wat Skel7áw̓lh (stewards) are out and about

Last week, the Líl̓wat Skel7áw̓lh Technicians (Stewards) kicked-off the season conducting surveys on Líl̓wat land and resources, both on-reserve and off-reserve, conducting surveys for Fish Habitat Restoration planning, Flood Mitigation and Archaeological Surveys. The Skel7áw̓lh will also be conducting Environmental Monitoring on the Joffre Lakes Park trail as well as the Tenquille Lake Park’s trails.

When you see the Líl̓wat Skel7áw̓lh, wave and say hello, and honk for support.

They are being: i wa7 nilhmin tali ti tmicwa (“the ones that look after the land”)

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