Squamish Nation Business: Sḵwálwen Botanicals

Repost from their Instagtam. Be sure to check the out at https://skwalwen.com/

Throw back to a happy day harvesting nettle, saskies (salmonberry shoots) and horsetail last spring with my little loves ♥️
This year we’re planting lots of indigenous plant foods and medicines into our garden. This will allow us to access these plants while reducing the pressure on wild plant populations. It’s also a wonderful way to build relationships with plants by observing them and tending to them throughout the growing season.
There is an increase in foraging interest and it’s so important for us all to ask ourselves if we are approaching foraging in respectful and reciprocal ways? What can we give back (I.e. plant a cutting, replant seeds, don’t take too much, grow your own, don’t harvest at all if there’s a question about being able to do it sustainably and respectfully) These are all important considerations to keep in mind. I’ll share more information soon on Indigenous plant resources to help you garden with plant foods and medicines too 🌱#indigenous #knowledge #sustainable #harvest #mindfulness #giveback #respect #reciprocity

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