Kol̲i7úsa i Sqw̓élapa (6th moon)

Kol̲i7úsa i Sqw̓élapa (6th moon)

Hello, Amanda Rose here. I will be doing some posts this week focusing on being sensitive to the energies we have been having. Although I will be focusing on the positive I want to acknowledge that this is a strange and difficult time.
This photo was taken from my window during the full moon, the 6th moon in the calendar I am following. The name of this time is Kol̲i7úsa i Sqw̓élapa and can be interpreted as “a sudden appearance of leaves” in the Lil’wat language.

-Did you ever feel those moon beams?
Gently guiding our leaves to the surface
All that was beneath
Rising and drinking in that wild light
It’s always been there-

I’ve started my first gardening experience. Once you start gardening you really get connected to this beautiful community that is humble, and generous 🌱
I’m learning about the beautiful indigenous plants that love this land and grow naturally, but might benefit from some loving care and attention too 💚
Kúkstumkacwkalap, thank you all for your dedication to this community, whatever form that takes ☀️

2 thoughts on “Kol̲i7úsa i Sqw̓élapa (6th moon)

  1. amandarose11 says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m kicking myself right now because I got the month wrong! It is the 6th moon of the calendar but Ka-hál̓-a i Pétskelha is the name. Kol̲i7úsa i Sqw̓élapa is next month. I’ll correct it in my next post.

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