T̓ánam̓ten in Libra and last Quarter Phase

T̓ánam̓ten in Libra, creating order, spending time with good friends, and creating beauty in our environment, and last quarter phase, good releasing energy 🌬️

Libra is a sign that brings balance to its environment. Slowly I am finding clarity on path and my place in this world. Where do I fit in? How much am I willing to compromise in order to survive and to contribute in the various communities I am a part of? I think I’m a pretty strange person and some questions I pose to people, like I don’t like working 9-5 and why do I have to pay bills? Lately I’ve been dreaming of ways I can do work that I love and value, and not have to feel… tired. Tired of routine, and professionalism. I admire those who are wild, and hard working physically and spiritually. Here’s a little something I wrote on the bus that attempts to express these thoughts I’ve shared.

I identify as a wild womxn
A spirit womxn
Born into a world that I can’t fit myself into
And I wasn’t given the opportunity to be trained to live the life I seek
So now that I see that
I will search for those opportunities
And I will do what I can to learn on my own

I am wild, and I want to be free.

Kúkstum̓ckál̓ap, thank you to all for reading my strange ramblings

One thought on “T̓ánam̓ten in Libra and last Quarter Phase

  1. Lisa Richardson says:

    thank you for sharing these wild raw pieces of your heart… there’s so much we can learn from each other, when we’re brave enough to share the unpolished parts of ourselves. xo

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