Weeds vs Plants! Pemberton Multicultural Network hosts gardening workshop Sunday June 1 10-12


Belinda Geisler, the new Settlement Coordinator for Pemberton Settlement Services (formerly known and still on Facebook as the Pemberton Multicultural Network), must be reading my mind. There are a lot of things sprouting in my garden that I don’t recognize and am not sure if I planted. Maybe they’re volunteers! maybe they’re weeds! Maybe they’re those flowers I forgot about! Maybe my kid planted them! There are so many variables. The only thing I  know, when I stand there, scratching my head, and looking at them, is the Life Force is strong in them. To survive in my garden, under my care, that is necessary. So I am always loathe to pluck them out. Plucky little things. Which is why the newest gardening offering from Pemberton Settlement Services, to be hosted at the Pemberton Creek Community Garden, could change my life. Master Gardener Catherine Karman will explain how to recognize common garden weeds! You can also help planting the Global Garden. Sunday, June 1, from 10am – noon.

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