What if you looked at nature with six year old eyes?

“To young children, of course, nature is full of doors — is nothing but doors, really — and they swing open at every step. A hollow in a tree is the gateway to a castle; a bird’s nest the portal to an underworld. To young children, “landscape” is not backdrop or wallpaper, it is a medium, teeming with opportunity and affordances, volatile in its textures. Time to them is fluid and loopy, not made of increment and interval; time can flow slow enough that the green moss in the leg of a tree can be explored for an age. What we bloodlessly call “place” can be to young children a wild compound of dream, spell and substance: place is always somewhere they are ‘in’, never only ‘on’.” ~ Rob MacFarlane

(from ‘Childish’, the last chapter of Landmarks; prompted by a morning spent in a wood with a six-year-old…) via https://www.instagram.com/p/BwCKzK-n5P6/

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