On the Water – Solace in Solitude

I’m not always courageous enough to carry out the adventures I dream of on my own, but there are times when I need to be alone to recharge my spirit and reconnect to an unconflicted space within. Today’s adventure rewarded me with a spiritual hug.

I braved a 3.5 hour, solo kayak exploration of the lakeshore where I live at Lillooet Lake.  I’ve lived here for over eighteen years and am still discovering its beauty while I gain confidence in my ability to paddle longer distances.

I quickly get into the rhythm of paddling which instantly calms me. Self-propulsion is meditative and peaceful. Time falls away, and anxiety is released. I trust this moment. I pace myself so that I can enjoy a long paddle. The wind is at my back, so I know I’ll have a workout on the return trip – that’s balance.

I pause at the base of a creek to cool off and enjoy its musicality. More rhythm – rhythm of water. It glistens, sparkles and pops playfully while giving respite.


There’s life everywhere – plants gaining a foothold in the most unlikely places – in a rock or a slumbering log. They are survivors like me.  They flourish in the compost of dead things and bring new life. “Hallelujah”, they shout. Be stalwart and victorious is their message. They remind me that nature is my true home.


My paddling stirs up a heron from the shore. I follow it, gently and quietly, noting its location on Google Maps for a university student’s project which is to track herons in this area. The heron is timid and doesn’t let me get too close at first, but after three tries I’ve gained its trust, and am allowed to share some sacred space with it. It poses for some photos while I consider it’s meaning. Heron has been making a number of appearances in my life lately. I have some Medicine Cards and the accompanying book describes Heron as self-reflection.  From the book –

“Blue Heron…Thank you, Sacred Waterbird,
For sending reflections to me;
The mirrors of the quest for life,
The worlds that live inside me.
Show me how relationships work,
With my path woven within the whole.
The lessons of kinship with all life,
Reflecting my spirit’s eternal goal.”

And further – “Heron urges you to dive into the watery world of feelings to seek your truth.” Feelings are something I have in abundance today, so message noted.

I am grateful for the heron’s message, companionship and trust. I leave it so that it can fish for it’s lunch in peace.


My arms ache as I paddle home into the wind. It’s a good feeling and I appreciate my physical strength and vitality. I am renewed in my self-confidence, connectedness and state of grace.


One thought on “On the Water – Solace in Solitude

  1. Suzanne Grant says:

    I Love this and all of the Beautiful pics. that go with it. A very calming read 💜

    Love You Bunches My Beautiful, Inspired Sister 💞

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