Work in progress: Ryan Scoular’s 20 foot totem pole

Rayn Scoular by Ed Witwicki

Mid February, Ryan Scoular was our guestagrammer at, and gave us a peek inside his studio as he works to complete a 20 foot totem pole commission. So grateful for his willingness to share, his generous words, and for Ed Witwicki’s photography of the process.


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Hello everyone! Day 3 here for me @thewellnessalmanac We have all heard the phrase “nothing worth doing is easy”. That’s where I’m at today. Thinking outside the box and pushing ones artistic boundaries can be a real challenge. As much as creativity can flow so easily and effortlessly out of you, it can also be elusive and full of resistance. Deciphering when to push through the resistance (because something amazing might come out of it), or temporarily walking away because it feels like it’s just not happening can be tricky at times. Of course external and/or internal pressures can play a part in this, such as: deadlines or personal goals. Knowing yourself and how you operate is important with this I believe. So how does this relate to wellness? Well I think finding balance in your life is key. Balance between your obligations to others as well as your obligation to yourself and what brings you joy in life is important. Circulating new energy when things seem maybe a bit mundane or stale, by doing something different or new, can reinvigorate you in an area where you were previously stuck and enable you to return to it with a fresh pair of eyes. I think this can relate to almost any situation in life. This is the reason I have shared this photo, something other than my artwork as a reminder that we sometimes need to unplug from our daily routine and step away to hopefully return refreshed and re-inspired to take on life’s challenges and pursue whatever it is that excites us! Thats my thoughts for the day, Thanks for listening and I hope everyone’s enjoying this beauty day! You can follow me @ryanscoularart #instagramtakeover #stayinspiredandmotivated

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