The path well-trodden

After the first big snowfall of 2016, I was happy to discover that an energetic person had trudged around One Mile Lake with their dog, setting a track for me to follow. I carefully complemented this path with my own, being sure to step just behind the tracks so as to widen the way. The dog brought up the rear. Eventually, more people ventured out and now the trails are packed down all around the lake and into the hills above. It’s a joy to be able to climb into the silent woods where blown snow etches every surface and I’m thankful that others are willing to put in the effort to open up these vistas.

A few days later, on this same walkway, we discovered some snowmen that had been built on one of the benches on the boardwalk. These cheerful occupants obliged us with a somewhat one sided conversation then posed for a picture with Mickey. It seems these two were tourists as they are no longer there.


On January 14th, however, after I ran across the lake to enjoy the ice before the rains began, we discovered a heftier version of these snowmen, again sitting on one of the benches. This guy seemed a little lonely and was certainly in a more reflective mood, as he faced away from the lake and gazed over into the woods. He and Mickey had a quiet chat before I left him to continue his contemplation.


When I lived up the valley, most of my excursions were solitary and I relished the idea of being the first to discover anything new. Now I am learning to appreciate what others have left behind.

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