New Year. New Me.

15000186_1421801767845071_810594281685103766_oNew year, new me. So cliche. But I can’t help but grin a little bit when I say it, because it’s kind of true. I’m starting a new adventure this year, and it’s definitely going to shake up the me from 2016.

I’m going back to school to be a teacher. A fine arts teacher for high school students. I am SO excited. I’m barely even nervous, because I am so excited. I’ve moved into a completely new house, new neighbourhood, and have new roommates. My friends are even looking forward to witnessing me get up before the crack of noon, to go to school, because that’ll be new too. *Insert hissing noise*

I’ve been working at getting into this program since April of last year. It’s taken 75% of 2016, to get where I wanted to be for 2017. One of my favourite expressions, “A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today”, comes to mind when I look back at the steps I had to take. I procrastinated applying to this program for two years and it wasn’t until my own high school arts teacher (currently the student counsellor) Heather Quamme, poked at me to come in and volunteer, that I took it seriously. Getting 70+ hours of volunteer teaching time, writing essays, finding all of your transcripts from over ten years ago,  and then figuring out how to affordably move to Vancouver – seemed like sooo much work. So I did it in steps. Let’s just volunteer teach for a while, and see if I even like it. Then I took the next step, and the next, and magically found myself writing this note on my new roommate’s couch in Burnaby, with my new cat curled up by my feet.

I don’t actually have any intentions of becoming a “new me” for 2017, but who knows what can happen in a year when you start today!


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