Wellness prescription: keep your news intake local and lowkey for a week

I heard a story about a friend who was sidelined earlier this summer with an injury. Her spirits sunk to a low point, until she powered down the social media and stopped watching what everyone else was doing, via Instagram and Facebook. That little e-sabbatical was transformative, and she was able to get on with the business of lying low and healing up, without the massive dose of FOMO.

Earlier in the year, I’d been watching my twitter newsfeed blow up with bombings and dark news. A friend had the best advice: unplug and go outside.


What we’re trying to offer with the Wellness Almanac is a bit of good medicine. A chance to stay informed, but in a way that you are empowered and inspired, rather than outraged, downtrodden and perplexed. We need to take care of our mental environment, if we want to take care of our mental health. And sometimes that means managing the information flow, picking and choosing, logging out every now and then, and just having conversations, bbqs, bikerides, and powwows. Maybe knowing the latest in the Trump-Clinton war just doesn’t really matter.

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